I Needed To Sleep With You

I read a hundred poems by now. Looking for
A couple drags off a cigarette, some secret truth,
Yesterday, and a bowl of oranges.

I only needed to sleep tangled with him. My right thigh
Between his plaid legs, his occasional snore, and if he
Woke up unexpectedly, through the daze he’d kiss my lips.

The cool dark shade of a coming night I needed.
Words for air and thoughts and loving, I need those.
I’ve read a thousand poems, I’m so far. Looking for a way
To say this sometimes, the moon has a laughing face.

But his eyes are closed like seals twirling a tight
Water bundle of sense and premonition. If you look at the sea
With your own face you’ll find a reflection of a hilarious moon.
I sleep in hope

That he’ll recite an epic dream of those joking constellations

and the comedy of life as we sleep away in hope

And love – “I needed to sleep with you,”

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