The Pretty Poems Articles

I wanted to make a playlist of all my articles. i post every Tuesday and Thursday and Friday. I have decided to publish my future poem for Patreons only, which factors into supporting myself during this time. A Little Birdie Told Me Full Moon Love Poem I Needed To Sleep With You Apple Picking The... Continue Reading →

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Hyla Brook Books // Plan With Me

Hey everyone! I am so thrilled with my new bookshelf and all the time I have these days to read. Reading a lot this past week helped me get my mind off politics and philosophy. With this post I will be addressing some shipping and packaging concerns. I have expenses that need to be made... Continue Reading →

Happy Independence Day!

Hey friends! Just wanted to wish you guys a happy holiday weekend! Happy Independence Day! Here is a photo of my teddy bear with his navy blue American flag top sitting on a stack of red, white, and blue books celebrating America's birthday.

Hyla Brook Books // Plan With Me

I had this post written on Sunday but it was unfinished, and now I need to rewrite it entirely because I have a major life update. Yesterday I found out that I will not be returning back to work. It's more important now more than ever to make my vintage book shop work. Before I... Continue Reading →

What Sold On Depop

Hey friends! Heres another update on my vintage book shop. I think I did better this week than last week. 1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Another book I wanted to keep to read myself. The individual asked me if I had a copy of Woman Who Runs With Wolves which I did but... Continue Reading →

What Sold On Depop

Last week Depop sent me a congrats for selling 5 items in one week. I also sell on Etsy and through Instagram for my vintage book shop. At first my focus was on books for authors and artists but now I take every book that catches my eye. Heres what sold last week: 1. The... Continue Reading →

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