The Pretty Poems Articles

I wanted to make a playlist of all my articles. i post every Tuesday and Thursday and Friday. I have decided to publish my future poem for Patreons only, which factors into supporting myself during this time. A Little Birdie Told Me Full Moon Love Poem I Needed To Sleep With You Apple Picking The... Continue Reading →

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November Sales Report, how much did I make in my used bookstore?

Here's everything that sold this month! Please give this post a like if you'd like more what sold posts. ๐ŸฆŠ๐Ÿงก It's been nice to refocus on my small business. If you are new please follow my blog!! ๐Ÿ‚I am a writer and I have a small used bookstore online, Hyla Brook Books. Every month I... Continue Reading →

What’s New in my bookshop

Hey friends, I haven't been keeping up with writing but it has a lot to do with my depression. I wasn't taking good care of myself, not eating or sleeping. I did manage to get a good sleep this Sunday and I'm going easy on myself. I had to cancel writing plans with my gf... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo 2021 10-15

How's your writing month going?? I haven't written the chapters I mentioned. I def won't even win my own challenge at this rate. Strangely in okay with this, in the middle of the month there might still be time to make some great progress. Writers should practice being more kind to themselves. These last 5... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 6-10

I confess I am so far behind with my writing goals. Hello friends ๐Ÿงก this will be my second update on writing a new novel: project Nightengale I am writing my raw first draft on paper. I have a prologue, chapter 1& 2, and a solid idea for chapter 3 to explore with my main... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 1-5

Hello friends, who wants to hear me talk about my writing progress? I have been writing first thing in the morning between the hours of 12 am - 3 am. I'm writing everything by hand. It's a slow process. I struggle with mental health and severe nerve damage, so my personal goal for Nanowrimo 2021... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo 2021: announcement

Hello friends! It's Samantha. All year I've had this huge swollen urge to write a story. I have a few story ideas. I've completely stopped writing, well, as of recently. I am journaling again, and mulling it over, and I really want to get back into the rhythm of writing . nanowrimo is here, National... Continue Reading →

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