The Pretty Poems Articles

I wanted to make a playlist of all my articles. i post every Tuesday and Thursday and Friday. I have decided to publish my future poem for Patreons only, which factors into supporting myself during this time. A Little Birdie Told Me Full Moon Love Poem I Needed To Sleep With You Apple Picking The... Continue Reading →

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Work W me – taking photos of fall items for my shop!

I'm starting to expand into clothing for my shop. I'll share some basic photos and the listings. Sanctuary Clothing Sherpa Vest-this brand is sold at Anthropologie stores, this boho western style vest is 100% polyester, super fuzzy on the inside, and a nice earth tone brown color. Kathmandu Imports tye dye cardigan-handmade and hand... Continue Reading →

Thrift w Me (AGAIN!!)

Hey everyone! I went to the thrift store to pick up my vintage arm chair - it was $5 i had paid for it last Friday. So i wasn't planning on thrifting but they had Halloween costumes and tons of fall clothes. I picked up some books for Hyla Brook Books, but this haul I... Continue Reading →

What Sold in my Bookstore

Hey friends! I have been having fun sharing these posts where I tell you what sold and how much profit I made. I've slowly started adding more pieces to my shop that match my aesthetic. 1. Vera Bradley style bag I picked this bag up because of the butterfly print and it can be styled... Continue Reading →

Thrift W Me

Hey everyone I got some more books this Thursday for my bookstore but I'm also adding vintage clothes that go with my brand. I think you'll love what I found. The first items I picked up were this tye dye cardigan and turtleneck shawl/poncho and this fairy cardigan? Actually what is the proper term for... Continue Reading →

What Sold in my Bookshop

Hello everyone! Every week I calculate how much I made selling books. 1. Touching the Fire Got so many likes I should've waited but I was impatient for a sale and made an offer on Mercari for $9 shipped instead of $12 shipped. The Mercari fee was. 90 cents. Shipping was $2.80. I made $5.30.... Continue Reading →

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