Smart Shopping – I saved $13 plus rewards using Fetch and Ibotta

I want to be more conscious with my spending and I've started couponing! I got all the coupons from inserts in the Sunday paper. I spent an afternoon cutting them up. I put all of them in my purse, then went to the store. I took $40 cash so I wouldn't get carried away. I... Continue Reading →

Moo Books! πŸ’–πŸ„ Selling animal themed books to raise money for abused cats and dogs // entrepreneur, small business writer

Happy National Pet Day!
Remember these sales go straight to saving abused animals in East Texas.

the pretty poems

Did I tell you about my bookshops newest section? I’ve been calling them #moobooks – all the books I’ve collected for animal lovers to sell and raise money to rescue animals in East Texas.

All the #moobooks will be set with this background – faded, white wash paint of an old house. So every time you see a book photographed on this back drop, then you know it’s a #moobook 

This is just one of the books for the new section in my bookshop.六

This is something near and dear to my heart. I really want to make a difference in the lives of these abused animals. I’ve been inspired by my friend April who rescues animals off the street.

Just this past 6 months she tried to save a starving abused horse owned by a breeder, an older lady dog who was starving she couldn’t lift her head…

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Writer’s Workshop – keep a journal πŸ““

Throwback Thursday!

the pretty poems

Call me spoiled,but I love to write with colorful gel pens and I cover most diaries in stickers. My word of advice to get started on writing is to keep a journal – I can scroll forever in that section of the book store. I write about everything. Concepts, plots, list of characters and things that inspire scenes like dialogue fill my journals as well as to do lists and progress reports. A journal is a place that is your own, a place to be intimate, explore interests and ideas. I need to write. It helps me process events. I’ll actually wait a few days after an event to write so I’m only writing about significant detail. If you’re not trying to be a skilled writer, keeping a journal is still a great idea. I’ve had diaries since I was in middle school and it’s fun to look through those…

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Plan with me // April 2022

What steps do I need to take every day to reach my short term goals? My last post (read here) reflects on my Quarterly goals. This post is to review my first week in Q2 - am I on the right path? Week 1 - April 1-7 I dedicated two afternoons for a photoshoot for... Continue Reading →

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