Dear Diary // a poem

it's time to stop writing in third person and start writing for myself. If I'm going to heal right I need to pick up my pen and put up a fight to save my life. There was a woman I used to know but I don't know where or why she had to go. I... Continue Reading →

Poetry Chapbook weekend sale

     I'm happy the first month is over! My poetry chapbooks are 30% off, etsy is so much fun to shop off from so hopefully it doesn't become habit forming! i love buying handmade goodness. items that are made by hand feel magical. Lock & Key ( ) Echos ( )

cold mornings + books

I woke up and walked over to my manuscript and shook my head. This process doesn't make sense. I want to feel like I did when I was a teenager and the words flowed, forcing me to get out of bed to get a verse out. I joke that I lost my writing powers. Each... Continue Reading →

lock & key

This poetry collection has 19 original love poems. When choosing the poems I started to notice similiar symbols in the name of love - dreamy illusions, nakedness, the true nature of romance. These are Romeo & Juliet type romance. Steamy, intimate, there is a poem about taking a bath with your lover. One of my... Continue Reading →

Snowball // poem

winter is in my bones when the weather drops I don't feel cold, the pain in my joints kept me numb all year. I want to get close to feel warm and sincere but every time I never go I stay alone with my sad hands on my poems I can see the chills blowing... Continue Reading →

Stand Up // a poem

she tries to speak a poem, give it legs to stand but there's hands around her throat she can't speak as bad as it hurts the words feel like poison, she's choking an unutterable rhyme, this time it's spilling through her eyes she thinks             just let me die, if... Continue Reading →

A Social Butterfly In Winter

"This year has been long rains and cloudy cold skies. Not just autumn and the snowy winter I'm sure will come. Every season in 2019 I anticipated stereotypical seasonal progress - the spring would bring flowers, but April rained into May and even June. A few times in Spring I'd walk outside expecting bird tunes... Continue Reading →

Fire Inside

"I used to be good, wasn't I? I didn't even know. "I would run across rooftops, jumped off them into Devil's den when I was 7. A Spartan." "You did what you had to do. What any one else would've done. But you can still fight." "I'm nothing like the fighter I was. I gave... Continue Reading →

hungry // a poem

there are too many times to count how I sat with my own tears and he just let me cry saying fine then, I was too much trouble to sit with me awhile. I realized how I got here; I sacrificed a woman I didn't know her name, I didn't know her worth, I assumed... Continue Reading →

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