Dear Diary // a poem

it's time to stop writing in third person and start writing for myself. If I'm going to heal right I need to pick up my pen and put up a fight to save my life. There was a woman I used to know but I don't know where or why she had to go. I... Continue Reading →

Book Blogger did a review on my poetry chapbooks!

The sweetest thing happened ever. A book blogger who bought both my poetry chapbooks did a review of them on his blog! it's written really well I think and I enjoy his other thought provoking content: check it out it's a great looking blog:

happy first day of spring!

A poem I wrote about spring called "The Scientific Reasons Behind Birds Singing" 🌼 This one is in my poetry chapbook "Echos" a collection of 18 of my best poems. 🌸 Uncertain times, overwhelmed minds.... doing my best to stay informed enough but calm enough to create among the chaos. So if you're stuck at... Continue Reading →

Writing Ancestors // a poem

At the blank page again, lost in my thoughts, Ernest Hemmingway seizes my throat and like a leiutant giving orders, commands me "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know." Dorothy Allison enters the room the way nurses do in an emergency. She gave me her... Continue Reading →

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain is seen as a cleansing ceremony, a metaphor for dark clouds and biting cold. It's romanticized. "I love the rain. everything is new," My friend said something along those lines and  my eyes frowned. "The rain is my mortal enemy," I say, gazing out at the rain falling in icy sheets, reminding me of... Continue Reading →

Hyla Brook Books update

"My dreams are growing alongside a white iron gate to my future doll house, my desire as gigantic as the Titan Arum flower, I am a late bloomer Breathing spring into the trumpet of a clear blue sky." I'll leave those sentences there. I've been imagining my own bookshop, I have so many books I... Continue Reading →

lock & key

This poetry collection has 19 original love poems. When choosing the poems I started to notice similiar symbols in the name of love - dreamy illusions, nakedness, the true nature of romance. These are Romeo & Juliet type romance. Steamy, intimate, there is a poem about taking a bath with your lover. One of my... Continue Reading →

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