Writing Goals for 2020

Deep down I feel like everything happened to me for a reason. Several months ago, my mind was dark, on the precipice of a sharp edge, gaunt, beleiving I couldn't live if i couldn't write. Writing and drawing - expressing myself through art - that is my reason of being. My biggest goal is to... Continue Reading →


I went on a walk today I wish I could've ran. I thought about the world and said "I don't know how to begin." The world was quiet today Except for the birds, they flew A safe distance and watched me On my way. I miss the mountains and Spanish accents, A day the soil... Continue Reading →

Reason of Being + Giveaway

Petal – coloured starch lines Soul kissing French lovers like we lived in Paris. That we could be some other nation. Any where else, but this place We could come from. Wars, heavy as rainfall, pour in Over history and repeats itself. Four inches every year – Its flooding the humanity out, Like being washed... Continue Reading →

A Peach // poem

Once they thought they had finished all they had left They just laid like that for a while, sharing large exhausts from their working love. He is not so weak from it, in fact, he is made stronger because of it and when he stands naked Like that it reminds me of a Greek God... Continue Reading →

The Orange Tree By the Ocean

Rolling it over in my head As I stretch my neck in circles. I'm thinking of you How you make me feel. My head feels great. The way you touch me makes me tremble beneath you My breath shakes itself out and I am entirely yours. I know that you love me by how hard... Continue Reading →

Ivy – a poem

They curl like ivy around each other In the backseat of her car (that’s all she can afford right now) Everything is in the back Suitcases, elephants, Risk, her college books, Her id badge, no bible, his skateboard, his Handheld games, Art of War, The Decline of the Roman Empire, and all the blankets cover... Continue Reading →

Apologize – poem

i thought about you in a sexual way so when we kissed we ended up making out. (sorry)   If you have been following me for a year then you might remember i had a lot of poetry on here. When I got into journalism I took down my poetry because I wanted to try... Continue Reading →

I Needed To Sleep With You

I read a hundred poems by now. Looking for A couple drags off a cigarette, some secret truth, Yesterday, and a bowl of oranges. I only needed to sleep tangled with him. My right thigh Between his plaid legs, his occasional snore, and if he Woke up unexpectedly, through the daze he’d kiss my lips.... Continue Reading →

#58 You Are Heaven

You are the fall of golden Heaven leaves; Not the quiet for the woods are filled with the natural order of beautiful sounds. You are the songs of the highest trees that float to Heaven, and get stuck in the clouds. You are the shinning light flooding my face, you are The only truth I... Continue Reading →

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