Mental Health & Self Care Tips

Hey Pretty Gang, I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while. You guys know I’ve been going through a little bit of depression, anxiety, and allll that yeah so i wanted to talk about my mental wellbeing and what I do when I need to raise my vibration, bring myself up out of that depression fog. Maybe this could help some one else, so here’s my list of things I do when I feel blue.

anime cold

Hot Bath + Candle

One tonic for a depressive episode or even a busy workday is to fill up a tub with hot water with fragrance, i like to add candles. And i always bring my journal but i almost never use it, i think i just like to have it in there with me in case something needs to be written. Don’t need an Archimedes moment. i also feel its important to incorporate smells *a little aromatherapy engineering.

Guided Meditation

A guided meditation is for when you’re anxious, you can’t get your mind off of something that is going to happen and did happen, your dwelling in negative thoughts your agtated – tune in to a better station. I’m not listening to gurus like the Dahli lama (i mean you can if you want!) i just type in Youtube “guided meditation for health” and a calm voice guides me on a happier train of thought. I’ve done a guided meditations for sleep, health, and success so far and i feel the lasting effects of communicating to yourself in a positive way. in the past i never stuck to a meditation practice but i will now though because i see the direct effect loving thoughts have on my body.

Keep A Bullet Journal

Every year i experiment with a new method to organize my year. i knew i wanted to try to do a bullet journal for real this time. ive attempted them in the past but things got messy. Because i could only write with my nondominanet hand, my spread is super minimalistic. KEEPING A BULLET JOURNAL, WHERE I REVIEW MY PROGRESS EVERY WEEK HAS HELPED SO MUCH. I noticed after the first week i was feeling better. i started cultivating daily gratitude. this would also serve as a personal reminder if i hadnt been taking care of myself.



This helps me so so so much plus it was easy to do with my one hand. when i was a child id keep memorabilia in my diaries – movie tickets and clothing tags, stickers, notes, that kind of stuff.  I am definitely going to do more of these journaling spreads, i think its very good for my psyche.

Make A Happy Playlist

Music is where I go to to create. I have a Disney playlist that when I play it I cant help but feel gleeful. The old Disney songs are so broadway, like Anastasia’s “Journey to the Past” and “Just Around the River Bend” from Pocahontas. I don’t listen to anything that will make me sad. Music is made up of vibrations, a visual art, so you don’t want to repeat sad depressing lyrics, you want to find songs that make you smile. And sing! Sing your favorite music.

Go Outside

A reminder to take a little bit of each day to go outside, breathe in fresh air, and cloud gaze. I like to bring a book or journal. I don’t like the cold temperatures though. lately I’ve been in my mole hole.

I know this advice has all been said before, but done every day does the body good like medicine. I feel like this incident has brought me back to the beginning where writing was a sanctuary for me. I’m happy to make the changes i need to live the life I’ve been dreaming of. Im going after my dreams without fear, i need to have faith. like i said ive been such a perfectionist on my baby blog (she’s only 1) and i see that I’m holding back so much. I’ve been wanting to do more fashion posts. I realize that i created an online magazine when The Pretty Poems became The Wood Nymph Journal. I do have ideas for a glossy magazine but starting now I’m going to share my personal pastel posts again. I miss my pink kawaii theme, and i want to find a way to merge my forest theme to my kawaii theme. Am i making any sense?





18 thoughts on “Mental Health & Self Care Tips”

  1. this is awesome!
    i just got done reading DODGING ENERGY VAMPIRES (which i totally recommend) and now i am focusing on dumping toxic people who just take & do not give. it feels good to do it (even though i feel a little bad doing it) ❤ the book has a lot of suggestions for self-care and healing that resonated with me.

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  2. Love these tips and I can relate to quite a few of them. Meditation is something I try to do every so often but just can’t seem to get my head to shut up 😩 – I’ll have to give it another go! Anyway – fantastic list!! X

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