hungry // a poem

there are too many times to count how I sat with my own tears and he just let me cry saying fine then, I was too much trouble to sit with me awhile. I realized how I got here; I sacrificed a woman I didn't know her name, I didn't know her worth, I assumed... Continue Reading →

Reason of Being + Giveaway

Petal – coloured starch lines Soul kissing French lovers like we lived in Paris. That we could be some other nation. Any where else, but this place We could come from. Wars, heavy as rainfall, pour in Over history and repeats itself. Four inches every year – Its flooding the humanity out, Like being washed... Continue Reading →

A Peach // poem

Once they thought they had finished all they had left They just laid like that for a while, sharing large exhausts from their working love. He is not so weak from it, in fact, he is made stronger because of it and when he stands naked Like that it reminds me of a Greek God... Continue Reading →

The Orange Tree By the Ocean

Rolling it over in my head As I stretch my neck in circles. I'm thinking of you How you make me feel. My head feels great. The way you touch me makes me tremble beneath you My breath shakes itself out and I am entirely yours. I know that you love me by how hard... Continue Reading →

Ivy – a poem

They curl like ivy around each other In the backseat of her car (that’s all she can afford right now) Everything is in the back Suitcases, elephants, Risk, her college books, Her id badge, no bible, his skateboard, his Handheld games, Art of War, The Decline of the Roman Empire, and all the blankets cover... Continue Reading →

I Needed To Sleep With You

I read a hundred poems by now. Looking for A couple drags off a cigarette, some secret truth, Yesterday, and a bowl of oranges. I only needed to sleep tangled with him. My right thigh Between his plaid legs, his occasional snore, and if he Woke up unexpectedly, through the daze he’d kiss my lips.... Continue Reading →


fleece, a warm friendship and that moment when some one says youre still a good person. all the pages stay white now that you can't do your art. every tree but one lets go of everything and thats where your spirit always goes to those dead leaves and yellow piles of paper, the wind between... Continue Reading →

Red Is Not My Color

(i love how a new outfit replaces me with a different version.) its hard to sell all my prized possessions that ought to be worth something. i set the trend for wanting what you can't have, to love someone who can never love you back. my velvet scarlet dress you always liked - except red... Continue Reading →

#62 Fragonard’s The Swing

FRAGONARD’S THE SWING, FEB 12 her dress, bil lowing pink sails in t h e w i d e g r e    e   n      ocean of space. the sw ingbr  ings  her   h i    gh er and her skirt o p e ns  - he's hol d ing out    his arm ----      reaching for her ---- c u p i d has a... Continue Reading →

#61 Coffee Lover

She lives in oversized mugs, her signature is a coffee stain and ashes. She's overthinking about what her hippie friend said. I don't believe were supposed to end up with our first loves. She made her second pot of coffee, poured a steamy cup, it flowed and filled within her a sense of secret certainty.... Continue Reading →

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