Opportunity: Cricket Media

Earn money with your poetry and writing! I’ll try to share these opportunities whenever I see them

Writing and Illustrating

Cricket Media: Eight themes

Cricket Media just announced their themed submission calls for each of there literary magazines for children of various ages. They also accept unthemed submissions. They publish fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as activities, games, puzzles, crafts, and recipes.

BABYBUG (magazine for ages 6 months-3 years; themes – Let’s Play; and Fantastic Fall)

— Let’s Play: They want poems, stories, finger plays, and action rhymes about little ones’ favorite games. “These might be baby classics like peekaboo  or hide-and-seek, silly personal routines developed with family and friends, or activities with balls, puzzles, or other favorite toys. We’re looking for playful writing that begs to be read aloud again and again.”

— Fantastic Fall: They want poetry, action rhymes, finger plays, and very short stories that celebrate autumn. “Your work might explore trips to the orchard or rainy days spent inside, the season’s special games…

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Indie Poets, Vintage books from other bookshops, and Summer Favorites!

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the start off to the weekend. I finished making a youtube video! I'm still learning how to do basic editing and feeling comfortable putting myself out there again, but I don't want to be shy any more putting my face to my brand. https://youtu.be/Q3MgWiko2ig In case you're new... Continue Reading →

Creation in the form of Beetles

I’m officially obsessed with Beatles thank you Hollow Knight

The Stag's Head

Creation in the form of Beetles by Imogen Smid

The beetle has been seen as a symbol of creation in many different cultures and is in fact the main character in quite a few creation myths.

I mainly knew about the beetle/creation connection in reference to the Ancient Egyptians before looking into the subject. Anyone who’s seen the Mummy movies or has visited an exhibition on the Ancient Egyptians will know they were majorly into Scarab Beetles.  The Scarab represents birth and rebirth in Egyptian Mythology. The scarab beetle is a dung beetle which means it collects up dung which it rolls into balls. It lays its eggs inside the dung ball so that the beetles are born out of the balls. The Egyptians saw these baby beetles emerging from the dung balls and they made the connection with birth and rebirth. They in fact didn’t believe there were female dung beetles and that this process of laying the…

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Dark days

Was it that I couldnt take pain Or that there was something bigger than me I was fighting? How can you win the boss battle with no shield and a broken sword?

What Sold in my Bookshop

I would love to find out how to help other people with Hyla Brook Books. 1. Grey knit poncho I'm expanding my shop to include clothes. I bought this poncho for $2.99. It sold for $10 and the buyer paid for shipping. I printed the shipping label. The Mercari fee was $1. I made my... Continue Reading →

What Sold in my Bookshop

This has been a record breaking week for me. 1. Apples This is my poetry chapbook only available on Etsy. This person bought my other 2 chapbooks and enjoyed them. That means so much and it helps me out a little bit. On etsy I sell my e chapbook for $3.75. The listing fee is... Continue Reading →

Thrift w Me

Hello friends! Every Wednesday I go to the thrift store to see what books I can find for my secondhand bookshop. I'm also sourcing vintage clothes that go with the Hyla Brook Books brand aesthetic. I got this for the style and color and hoping it fits me. I love the librarian vibes I'm getting.... Continue Reading →

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