Autumn Fairy Bookmark Collection

Aside from my poetry I also run an Etsy shop where I sell poetry necklaces, vintage books, and just recently these pretty bookmarks. For the last week of December I am running a 20% off sale everything in my book shop. On January 1st, I will have new listings for these magical Autumn Fairy bookmarks.... Continue Reading →

Frozen Bookmarks // Shop Update

Has anyone else started planning their goals for next year? I have. I'm ready to begin a new chapter. Chapter 2020. One of my goals is to worry less. Less anxiety. Less restlessness. Less fatigue. I want something to look forward to every week, something waiting for me after a hard day's work, a routine... Continue Reading →

Autumn Fairy Collection

Take an idea and see where it takes you. My hope was my ideas would take me to my past self, and reconnect me to the person I was before I replaced her. There was an idea. I'd hold it in my eyes, focusing really hard on this idea. I trusted it. The idea I... Continue Reading →

The Heaven Collection

It's been over a year since I first started blogging, and when I started it was just to upload all my poems I'd written over my life so I can have it all in one safe place. I also wanted to start reading as feverishly as I used to when I was 17, 10, since... Continue Reading →

Spring Collection

I don't know why it never crossed my mind to design jewelry before. The first time I used resin was with my mom as a child making charm bracelets with empty star and moon shaped bezels. My mom cultivated a deep love for books by always taking me to book fairs, book clubs, and reading... Continue Reading →

Book Boutique This Week

Pretty gang! There is some happy mail going out today!  I have severe nerve damage in my right arm and it's been depressing me so this came at the right time for me. One of the things I did in December to combat my suicidal thoughts (because I had them) was to plan things. I... Continue Reading →

Witch Doctor

Skelentons. Bones. Voodoo. Enchantress. Last year when I stayed the night in New Orleans I came across a book on voodoo. It brought back a town haunted by ghosts, and with a graveyard outside my window, i read about a doctor's account of New Orleans in the early 18th century. This month has been all... Continue Reading →

The Wild Woods

I've been swept away by Wind in the Willows. The prose in here is beautiful. I had no idea what I was getting into - i glanced at the synposis,  got it at a thrift store because of the illustrations. One rainy morning i sleepily walked over to my book shelf and felt my arm... Continue Reading →

Faerie Hollow

For this post I wanted to try something a little different - I wanted to write a short exposition piece about the fae after seeing these creator's work and wanting to be a fairy too! I hope you fall in love with these and enjoy the short story - comment below or on my Instagram@theprettypoems... Continue Reading →

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