a short story i wrote in college / experimental fiction 2010

A shipwrecked man cast up on the beach fell asleep after his struggle with the waves. When he woke up, he bitterly reproached the sea for its treachery in enticing men with its smooth and smiling surface, and then, when they were well embarked, turnin in furry upon them and sending both ship and sailors... Continue Reading →

5 Tips To Build Your Facebook Page

Let's dive right into this juicy business talk. I created my facebook page for Hyla Brook Books, my etsy shop, at the end of last year and a facebook groupso people could connect with me. It's a great way to introduce my designs and ask readers for feedback on my poetry. I am a firm... Continue Reading →

happy first day of spring!

A poem I wrote about spring called "The Scientific Reasons Behind Birds Singing" 🌼 This one is in my poetry chapbook "Echos" a collection of 18 of my best poems. 🌸 Uncertain times, overwhelmed minds.... doing my best to stay informed enough but calm enough to create among the chaos. So if you're stuck at... Continue Reading →

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain is seen as a cleansing ceremony, a metaphor for dark clouds and biting cold. It's romanticized. "I love the rain. everything is new," My friend said something along those lines and  my eyes frowned. "The rain is my mortal enemy," I say, gazing out at the rain falling in icy sheets, reminding me of... Continue Reading →

Poetry Chapbook weekend sale

     I'm happy the first month is over! My poetry chapbooks are 30% off, etsy is so much fun to shop off from so hopefully it doesn't become habit forming! i love buying handmade goodness. items that are made by hand feel magical. Lock & Key ( https://www.etsy.com/listing/770097339/poetry-chapbook-lock-key-poetry-book?ref=shop_home_active_1&pro=1 ) Echos ( https://www.etsy.com/listing/770097339/poetry-chapbook-lock-key-poetry-book?ref=shop_home_active_1&pro=1 )

cold mornings + books

I woke up and walked over to my manuscript and shook my head. This process doesn't make sense. I want to feel like I did when I was a teenager and the words flowed, forcing me to get out of bed to get a verse out. I joke that I lost my writing powers. Each... Continue Reading →

Writing Goals for 2020

Deep down I feel like everything happened to me for a reason. Several months ago, my mind was dark, on the precipice of a sharp edge, gaunt, beleiving I couldn't live if i couldn't write. Writing and drawing - expressing myself through art - that is my reason of being. My biggest goal is to... Continue Reading →

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