fiber friday // poetry readings, poetry recommendations

Goodmorning! This week's list is pretty short.  Here are the poems I read this last week. robert frost... the black cottage, the need of being versed in country things, the road not taken Ted kooser... abandoned farmhouse Dylan thomas...fern hill H.d... pear tree Elinor wylie... ophelia e.e. cummings - spring is like a perhaps hand... Continue Reading →

May Overview // my book shop updates

I'm already over May so I consider this last week a new start. I've had som rough anxiety this month especially and I want June to be where I focus on my health and relax 🙂 It doesn't sound like much but I've gotten out of my depressed den twice to walk to the park... Continue Reading →

Hyla Brook Books update

"My dreams are growing alongside a white iron gate to my future doll house, my desire as gigantic as the Titan Arum flower, I am a late bloomer Breathing spring into the trumpet of a clear blue sky." I'll leave those sentences there. I've been imagining my own bookshop, I have so many books I... Continue Reading →

Life Style Book Valentine’s Gift Guide

Here's my newest Youtube video! Don't forget to like and subscribe!   Candy Cookbook ( )   Hershey's Chocolate and Cocoa Cookbook ( )   Best Cake Receips ( )   Jell O Recipe Book ( )   Flower Arrangements by Julia Clements ( )     Flower... Continue Reading →

Writing Goals for 2020

Deep down I feel like everything happened to me for a reason. Several months ago, my mind was dark, on the precipice of a sharp edge, gaunt, beleiving I couldn't live if i couldn't write. Writing and drawing - expressing myself through art - that is my reason of being. My biggest goal is to... Continue Reading →

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