As soon as you walked out the door

to sleep on the floor

of any grounds as long as it wasn’t here,

there was no going back. the door

closed and so did your chance.

People give up everything

for forgiveness, how long will you go on

feeling guilty

how much longer will she walk in darkness

when can she come clean

she’s exhausted

shes come far from home to outrun her sin

she pounded on the door like an angry god

cut open, cut open

she is the sacrifice

she is not immortal

shattered glass reflects the mess

her screams had no success

denial holds you hostage

she might as well confess

the sound of breaking matched

the high beat of her stress

disbelief and glass cascades like a waterfall

to damn them all.

she’s met her match

lost the ability to use her sword

now how will she fight her demons?

save her! lying there as she bleeds

she looks like shes been torn to shreds

the monster did her in

she saw its reflection in the glass

before it broke, she thinks it was her twin

or another side of her

shes never seen


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