Hyla Brook Books // Plan With Me

I had this post written on Sunday but it was unfinished, and now I need to rewrite it entirely because I have a major life update. Yesterday I found out that I will not be returning back to work. It's more important now more than ever to make my vintage book shop work. Before I... Continue Reading →

Hyla Brook Books update

"My dreams are growing alongside a white iron gate to my future doll house, my desire as gigantic as the Titan Arum flower, I am a late bloomer Breathing spring into the trumpet of a clear blue sky." I'll leave those sentences there. I've been imagining my own bookshop, I have so many books I... Continue Reading →

hungry // a poem

there are too many times to count how I sat with my own tears and he just let me cry saying fine then, I was too much trouble to sit with me awhile. I realized how I got here; I sacrificed a woman I didn't know her name, I didn't know her worth, I assumed... Continue Reading →

medical update

The MRI did not have pretty results. I still can't bring myself to write about them. As I feared, the rare nerve disease has unfortunately progressed further. My forearm has a bruise that is getting darker and larger over time. I am depressed beyond measure. Two weeks ago i became obsessive over gender politics and... Continue Reading →


As soon as you walked out the door to sleep on the floor of any grounds as long as it wasn't here, there was no going back. the door closed and so did your chance. People give up everything for forgiveness, how long will you go on feeling guilty how much longer will she walk... Continue Reading →

Update // the Ninja Poet

On Tuesday my best friend picked me up with her sisters and their babies. Madisol's baby was 6 months and Maria had a baby a few months older, a one year old daughter and her 3 year old son. Kids gravitate towards me, I try to be a cool adult that inspired them to read.... Continue Reading →


I've been using this final week to strengthen my mind, i don't know if anything can prepare me for whats ahead other than plenty of rest. i shut my eyes and block out the fear, there is no other option but to be strong. it can feel like the end of the world sometimes. Everyone's... Continue Reading →

Gifts You Cant Buy

The greatest gift would be peace and healing. I hope no one minds if i talk about my injury and the fear i have that comes with getting major surgery. I'm also poor, I was extremely lucky/blessed last month, but i've had to make a mandatory doctor visit and my insurance expired. It was either... Continue Reading →


i came back to tell you that you are beautiful even though i know you've heard that. i waited with you under the stars and waited for love to return and waited before pounding on Heaven's back door and waited and waited. i wish i had been there for myself instead of run from fear... Continue Reading →

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