Snowball // poem

winter is in my bones when the weather drops I don't feel cold, the pain in my joints kept me numb all year. I want to get close to feel warm and sincere but every time I never go I stay alone with my sad hands on my poems I can see the chills blowing... Continue Reading →


I went on a walk today I wish I could've ran. I thought about the world and said "I don't know how to begin." The world was quiet today Except for the birds, they flew A safe distance and watched me On my way. I miss the mountains and Spanish accents, A day the soil... Continue Reading →

Apologize – poem

i thought about you in a sexual way so when we kissed we ended up making out. (sorry)   If you have been following me for a year then you might remember i had a lot of poetry on here. When I got into journalism I took down my poetry because I wanted to try... Continue Reading →


on the first floor of the apartment is a good lookin' man who did the best you can with some one he loved but was a manic maniac she was a beauty in her environment except she always looked away. he was lucky he was so good lookin he told her other women stood in... Continue Reading →


As soon as you walked out the door to sleep on the floor of any grounds as long as it wasn't here, there was no going back. the door closed and so did your chance. People give up everything for forgiveness, how long will you go on feeling guilty how much longer will she walk... Continue Reading →


the fog moved in like a hound the colossus of darkness settles, he waits there was no way to tell how long he'd stay, bodies fade into a gray background, the fog seals her senses, its a fog that clogged her throat Secrets that don't escape she stood in silence she waits some demons can... Continue Reading →


Words enchant the page and you take them with you. Words linger. I can't do yoga, draw, crochet, or right with my hand. "I've got my books, and my poetry to protect me. I am shielded in my armor." Lyrics from my favorite Simon & Garfunkel song I sing to myself when I'm alone, my... Continue Reading →

Review// Herbs & Things

Books have a way of taking you back to the place you got it from and to the person you were at the time you started reading it. I've always felt like books find me, rather then me finding them. Hayfork California was a smooth paved road vanishing into the Emerald National Forest. Herbs &... Continue Reading →


The summer has been my own art intensive. Hours lavishing in obscure, dark music with pianos and female voices. Cha-cha-cha the sound of my pen scratching paper. Art books under my desk at work. Yellow lamplight spilled across wood floors covered in sketches. Anguish over blank pages. The trash bin fills up with imaginary people... Continue Reading →

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