Hyla Brook Books // Plan With Me

Hey everyone! I am so thrilled with my new bookshelf and all the time I have these days to read. Reading a lot this past week helped me get my mind off politics and philosophy. With this post I will be addressing some shipping and packaging concerns. I have expenses that need to be made... Continue Reading →

Hyla Brook Books // Plan With Me

I had this post written on Sunday but it was unfinished, and now I need to rewrite it entirely because I have a major life update. Yesterday I found out that I will not be returning back to work. It's more important now more than ever to make my vintage book shop work. Before I... Continue Reading →

Art Therapy –

My etsy shop sells luxiours, one of a kind bookmarks made with precious crystals, real plants, and cicada wings. I wanted a design in the shop that cost me less to make. Inspired by the book At the Edge of the Orchard, I made these watercolor bookmarks. ( Read Review ) I posted the other... Continue Reading →

Hyla Brook Books update

Sold my Oscar Williams poetry necklace. my Etsy shop means so much to me, I make each one from real vintage books that would most likely stay on a shelf forever. Seeing my creations go out inspires me so much to keep going♄ Thank you everyone for all your support, I have a big vision... Continue Reading →

Declutter // a poem

there's so much filth around me, I'm buried in my own home trapped I feel like I'm in quick sand getting sucked into meaningless stuff. how many bags of clothes do I have left to slim down? I don't need all these things where I'm going, my minimalist aim is to have my life in... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Stories

I heard the bad news. It had been since 2010, and i wrote that poem on the wall sometime 2008 when i was president of the Literacy Circle and literacy sweetheart. The young new administration of my old highschool decided to paint the walls a prision grey, covering all the art in school. Luckily, a... Continue Reading →

Book Haul

Good morning friends. I was at a book sale the other day and couldn't resist picking up these books. I hope you enjoy the video! I know it's not the best quality, I'm hoping eventually when things get better I'll be able to get a new camera and some editing software. If you like these... Continue Reading →

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