Flowers for Hands



Hey Pretty Gang!  How are you? Have you been writing a lot? I’m happy to say I selected a regular blogging schedule. I’ll be posting every Monday and Friday. πŸ’

my heart has been wondering what love is. I figured what better time to turn to poetry and read love poems. I also wanted to share this lo-fi song I play for when I read. Earlier this month I made these flower halos, I have some other designs planned for my shop but I’ll have to post pone that.

I wasn’t sure if I should share one of my personal poems or the poems I loved this week. But I used to do this thing called Fiber Friday (if you remember then you’ve been part of the gang for a while!) and that’s where I shared a poem that really inspires me. Don’t you love new beginnings?

Okay enough of me chatting. Here’s the poem. Its pretty short I just took the part I like. I’ve also been indulging in haikus, short form poems.

Doubt thou that the stars are fire,

Doubt that the sun must move,

Doubt truth to be a liar,

But never doubt that I loved.”

That’s Shakespeare and I think I changed the last line a teensy bit since this is by memory. Have you written any love poetry? I’d love to read them just leave the link below. I might recite poetry later today on my IG. It just depends how I feel. Hope you have a magical day 🍰

12 thoughts on “Flowers for Hands

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    1. your love poetry is so wonderful. i wish someone wrote love poems like that for me. lol What the ones you’re proud of? Be liberal with them! I love love poetry it so extrodinary to me, i love love lol


      1. And in a twist of irony, I feel mostly certain that the person I’ve written most of my poems about wishes I would not have written them.
        Also, I don’t know that I’d say I’m particularly proud of any of my poems. Plus, I’ve written 693 posts…most of them are poems…all of them are one word titles. I barely remember what half of them say at this point… πŸ€”

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      2. what sweet sorrrow! that sounds like a romance story. i really liked “Enchanted” and “Symphony”, songs about music and playing the violin get me. you really do have soo many but it’s like a field of lavender


      3. Ohhh i remember Chandeliers too. I’m so curious about your tale of love behind all those poems it sounds sad and sweet. I’ve been reading all my old love poems, sometimes we aren’t meant to be with our first loves. i hate it.


      4. says the poet who writes a bunch of love poetry, whatever!!! you probably went back in time and found the one you love, but the portal couldn’t bring both of you guys back so you had to say goodbye and your love poems are the only way you guys communicate. i knew you were a time traveler. lol

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