my favorite romance tropes

Hey Pretty Gang, I’ve been seeing this tag around the book community and thought I’d tag myself. Here is a short list of romance tropes i like to see, and hopefully you guys can recommend me some steamy reads.


 forced nudity scene – my best friend gave me this manga, she was gushing over it and said I would love it. She did not miss a beat, I loved this book and it has just everything I love about romantic comedy. It’s a book where a student knows who his soul mate is, and when they kiss they switch bodies and can’t switch back. The girl, Momoko, doesn’t like him at all and is in love with his twin brother. There’s this very funny bathroom scene, you should read it if you like that sort of thing.


rivalry over a woman – every great War in history started over a woman. Right? Don’t quote me on that.  In all seriousness, there is nothing like a classic love triangle. Legends of the Fall stars a young Brad Pitt in one of my favorite movies ever, I actually hate this movie because I cry too much. it’s about  two brothers who fight over the love of a woman after her feonce, their other brother, dies in World War I. I’m sorry if that is the worse description, im not good at describing movies, but it yanked my heartstrings.

tuck everlasting

Endless Love– ahh, there is nothing like the idea of a love that is bound for eternity! one of the earliest romances i ever loved and read was Tuck Everlasting. Winnie Foster falls in love with the immortal Jesse and has the choice to be young forever.  You also see this in Vampire romances, just plain  i can’t live in a world without you dramatic AF love. This happens in LOTR when the elf Arwen gives up immortality to be with Aragorn.

one more time –  not sure if this should be in here, but I thought of this and it’s always done for people you love. It’s a situation where the character would do anything to save  someone they love from death. I saw this most recently in Naruto when Orichmaro asks Lady Tsunde to fix his hands in exchange of bringing her husband and little brother back to life. Or when Anakin slices Master Windu’s arm because he needs Palpatine to show him how to stop Padme from dying. UGH.

sense and sensibility

 love at first sight – Can you tell how much of a sap I sound? I love love seeing moments where the characters meet for the first time and it’s fate. But for some reason, something keeps them apart. Sense and Sensibility did this, and in the anime I’m watching Pretty Cure, there’s this adorable scene where Nagisa is furious from getting hit by a ball but when she’s  face – to – face with the lacrosse player her anger disappears.

Sacrifice Me – It’s when one character has gone too far and the only person who can stop them is the one they love. You see this in the Marvel movies with Wolverine and Jean Grey, in the Infity Gauntlet movie. One of my favorite booktubers recommended a book I think it’s called Shadow of Bone that has this (spoiler alert) I am a cry baby when it comes down to those moments, like, if you love them you’ll do that, oh and this also happened in The Pact by Jodi Picoult which was an assisted suicide plot. The girl tells the person she loves to end her suffering. So. much. drama.


War Torn – two characters in love but torn apart by war.  when they do spend time its soooo heated and romantic, but they’re also trying to savour love and get to k now each other. (A Farewell To Arms)

7. characters who should be together but are forbiddon or just everything is stacked against them like in The Notebook or Romeo and Juliet.

At the end of this list I thought of some romance tropes I DONT like. One I can’t stand is the Emotional Support Character Finally Gets the Girl. It’s when you have a guy who is always there for the main character, but she doesn’t notice him until the very end. Never saw how cute he was or maybe she was too different. The next one ties in with the second trope I mentioned – when you have a brotherhood torn apart by a woman like in Pearl Harbor. In Pearl Harbor, Ben Afleck is in love to this woman and he goes off to war, and he “dies” and so his best friend starts to love her, but it turns out Ben Afleck was not dead and he comes back turns out he was lost at sea, and the woman he was thinking of this whole time was with his childhood best friend. This example came up to me, and I realized that sometimes it doesn’t make the woman look good. In the first scenes she’s telling one guy how much she loves him, and then the next she’s telling his best friend the same thing. I just wanted to point that out!! rivalry over a woman can be done so well, it is the classic bad romance.

Thats all I can think of at the top of my head. I pretty much just thought of my all time favorite romances and asked myself what made the romance so memorable? Later this week I’m going to share my favorite love poems!! I cant believe I haven’t done that because I am a true hopeless romantic. every plot I love has a romance to it.

Did you like my list? What do you like to see in your romance?



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  1. The one thing that I hate in love tropes is what I call the “insta-love” trope. This is not to be confused with love at first sight. This is when characters meet and over what seems like two days, they’ve already cycled through a long-term relationship. This generally occurs so that we can feel the gravity when one character is now in jeopardy and the other is ready to throw caution to the wind to save them. But I’m always like, “You met them like two days ago…that escalated quickly…” Worse is that it’s never premised as “love at first sight” it’s just your random “they’re attracted to each other” but next thing you know, they treat it like they’ve been married for a decade and have this unfathomably deep connection. It’s almost like the writers were like, “love at first sight is so stupid…let’s not do that…” but then a day of character development time later, it’s the deepest love the world has ever known.

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