February Sales Report : What Sold

I turned $1.50 into $63! A total of 15 books left the shop. Here is a photo dump of all the books that have gone to new shelves! I'll post my Depop shop link below 👇 🧡💐my Depop shop 💐🧡 depop.com/sweetheart_sam I started making YouTube videos of my inventory, which really has been helping me... Continue Reading →

Thrift with me! I found a typewriter in the trash!

It was a dark and misty December night with rain. something told me to look in this blue trash bin in the parking lot of a small book keeping business that had flood damage. On top of some boxes was a black Brother Electronic typewriter. And those weren't boxes, they were pounds of office paper.... Continue Reading →

Writing Plans // A New Story?

Hello forest friends! I've been thinking a lot about my etsy shop and my writing dreams. I stare at my right hand for a long time. The writing block is an impenetrable fortress. I'm hoping I can climb over it. I'm ready to die trying. I think somewhere deep down that words can save me.... Continue Reading →

Painting is Pleasure

I woke up too early, when outside the sky a pearl hue and the curtains ghostly white, a dreamy mist hung over my covers, I did not want to be enslaved by the unforgiving hour of first light, but my eyes had peeked anyways, and I felt this deep burning desire to run before it... Continue Reading →

my favorite romance tropes

Hey Pretty Gang, I've been seeing this tag around the book community and thought I'd tag myself. Here is a short list of romance tropes i like to see, and hopefully you guys can recommend me some steamy reads.    forced nudity scene - my best friend gave me this manga, she was gushing over... Continue Reading →


on the first floor of the apartment is a good lookin' man who did the best you can with some one he loved but was a manic maniac she was a beauty in her environment except she always looked away. he was lucky he was so good lookin he told her other women stood in... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 11-15

You learn so much about yourself when you don't hold back. I never thought I'd even make it to 20k all with one hand based on a few dramatic scenes from my dreams. I'll show you guys my chart, but I've stopped to plan out my next 5k words. There's too much to think about... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Music Playlist

Hello Friends! The first draft of my wolf story is coming along. Im reminded again how much writing is a huge part of what I am. I thought id share some music that inspire my cinematic universe. Sign up for my newsletter to read my wolf story here. Right now Im trying to keep my... Continue Reading →

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