A Gift For A Friend

How about my last gift to you is a bus ticket? Lilo said softly.

No she didn’t have  the money now

but she thought her friend deserved to be happy. It was offering

a soldier medical leave. Someone too young and drafted.

Love and war.

She had a thousand eye stare, Lilo went on.

My last gift to you

she said

to take away the pain.

She felt pulled in two directions


and to blame.

If only the glass had kept her safe

but an angry brick fist at injustice at a window

not anythin but you

you hit

regret is how cold it is since the window

is not fixed and lonely is Lilo not coming back

after that night.

My last gift to you, she gave

her beloved necklace, handmade

a dreamer blue azule stone

crystals like stars hang

it was the only thing that mattered to her

and she sacrficed it. Lilo would never see her again

it was her last gift to her.

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