medical update

The MRI did not have pretty results. I still can't bring myself to write about them. As I feared, the rare nerve disease has unfortunately progressed further. My forearm has a bruise that is getting darker and larger over time. I am depressed beyond measure. Two weeks ago i became obsessive over gender politics and... Continue Reading →


how'd you break the window? with my voice. Screams in my head, all the windows break. all the windows of my mind shatter shards, suspend cut deep. I almost ended myself. I couldn't believe how open I was. Fear took hold of me. Never forget your scars. I can't look at mine. It hurts to... Continue Reading →

Fallen Angel

the scars will fade away, but will the pain... shadows of my past loom over me, decisions must be made. did we fall from Heaven. Bent my halo, but once you've sinned if you don't repent, you could lose your soul. I don't give a care any more. this place is Hell, it blows. i've... Continue Reading →

A Gift For A Friend

How about my last gift to you is a bus ticket? Lilo said softly. No she didn't haveĀ  the money now but she thought her friend deserved to be happy. It was offering a soldier medical leave. Someone too young and drafted. Love and war. She had a thousand eye stare, Lilo went on. My... Continue Reading →


i came back to tell you that you are beautiful even though i know you've heard that. i waited with you under the stars and waited for love to return and waited before pounding on Heaven's back door and waited and waited. i wish i had been there for myself instead of run from fear... Continue Reading →

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