The Saddest Poem I’ll Ever Write

“I search for a word, the word,

one word.”

I looked back, I’m sorry,

at all those old love poems

To listen to how they made

your heart strike. I imagined

what it was like when I first

gave you that poem-

Now I don’t feel right

reading between the lines

for a sign to tell me

where we are.

“I barely touch you.”

My heart is aching for your soul,

when we were cold

we held onto each other;

I miss your hands.

I can’t tell any more

what I mean to say, for I can’t

think of anything but

that face of yours and be

sad over it. My love

“You’re collections like

pieces of the sun

to stare into,

and eyes watery with tears

you remember.”

I stared for hours into that empty sky

for two escaping birds.

Lover 1: (whispers) “Sometimes I feel like crying.”

Lover 2: “Me too.”

7 thoughts on “The Saddest Poem I’ll Ever Write

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  1. Your poetry is very mature and thought provoking now Samantha. It was always very good, but there’s more depth that makes it even more alluring now. Maybe it comes from a deep place of pain. I don’t know. But I love it.!

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