Botanical Beauty — Summer Wish List

The Botanical Beauty wish list was inspired by Amazon babes and earth elements. Raw edges, natural materials, scents that bring you to the forest. For this list I chose outfits that had that primitive feel and vegan products.  Browns, greens, and snake skin print. Handmade. The designers use free form techniques – there isn’t a pattern, these are all intuitive pieces.  There is a bit of magic and soul that goes into the process of these. I also chose a book that has been on my wish list for a long time: Clan of the Cave Bear.

Myriad Mirage sage leaf pendant is fit for a fairy princess.

Almost like coming from a fantasy world, Blossoming Bubble’s Tribal skirt is a must have for peacekeepers.

The brown braided tunic by Elven Forest is perfect for wood nymphs.


Snakeskin is the newest trend and nothing is more exotic that Psyren Design’s Snake Skin Body con dress.

The gold shimmer of Clean Faced Cosmetic’s vegan bronzer reminds me of the sun goddess. And what better way to stay connected to the Earth than by digesting a seasonal mix of plant powders? Handcrafted Nutritional Supplements by Body Bee Well.

I also wanted to include this book which was first recommended to me by my best friend and librarian, an epic historical fiction called Clan of the Cavebear. (my copy)


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