My wolf story has been on my mind a lot, as I study the main character's past and her conflicts. It's a main character with painful experiences. I am not trying to write a victim. I keep coming to the same question - How does she become the hero in her own... Continue Reading →

Botanical Beauty — Summer Wish List

The Botanical Beauty wish list was inspired by Amazon babes and earth elements. Raw edges, natural materials, scents that bring you to the forest. For this list I chose outfits that had that primitive feel and vegan products.  Browns, greens, and snake skin print. Handmade. The designers use free form techniques - there isn't a... Continue Reading →

#64 Apple Picking

I. I made love out of letters Beginning with "R"   Then piled them up in a basket And called it "our poem."   Sat watching the meaning hang Itself and fall with a thump   I had nothing really more to go off of, but all the   Rotten apples leaving sweet smells from... Continue Reading →

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