Part One/ Chapter One – The Gate Keeper

A marching band sounds off, a trail of lanterns leads into the Diamond city. The history district, across the bridge from Lake Towanda, Siobhan paced back and forth, holding her gate keeper dress up to the side as she did and in her other arm she had her shrine talisman. Her hair was adorned with... Continue Reading →

Vlog: Nanowrimo Days 1-5

Hello Nymphs! What an interesting week! Thanks so much for reading and follow for more bookish content. Let me just jump into it: I've wanted to write a story about a woman who was possessed by a wolf spirit. On Days 4 and 5 I really wasn't sure i could do it because those were... Continue Reading →

October Wrap Up + Nanowrimo Day 1

Hello Nymphs! National Writing month is here! i've been waiting to participate since September. I have a lot of plot holes but I am 2531 words far. I don't have an outline and am writing as i go, piecing scenes together. On my Instagram I posted inspiration for my wolf story which has been a... Continue Reading →

Interview with Ksenia

Practical magic happens every day every where, between each new moon and change of season. Ksenia defies physics, spinning and spinning, suspended in mid air like a bird in flight during her lyre performance. She takes flowers with her wherever she goes, dabbing lavender to carry with her a sense of calm before the storm.... Continue Reading →

Witch Doctor

Skelentons. Bones. Voodoo. Enchantress. Last year when I stayed the night in New Orleans I came across a book on voodoo. It brought back a town haunted by ghosts, and with a graveyard outside my window, i read about a doctor's account of New Orleans in the early 18th century. This month has been all... Continue Reading →

World Building

So I don't have a post planned for today that goes with my witchy topics, I figured I could share a bit on world building. I was inspired to write my story about wolves because I just want to write a story with big wolves in it. I started doing research about dire wolves, wolves... Continue Reading →

The Wild Woods

I've been swept away by Wind in the Willows. The prose in here is beautiful. I had no idea what I was getting into - i glanced at the synposis,  got it at a thrift store because of the illustrations. One rainy morning i sleepily walked over to my book shelf and felt my arm... Continue Reading →

Faerie Hollow

For this post I wanted to try something a little different - I wanted to write a short exposition piece about the fae after seeing these creator's work and wanting to be a fairy too! I hope you fall in love with these and enjoy the short story - comment below or on my Instagram@theprettypoems... Continue Reading →

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