Review// Herbs & Things

Books have a way of taking you back to the place you got it from and to the person you were at the time you started reading it. I’ve always felt like books find me, rather then me finding them. Hayfork California was a smooth paved road vanishing into the Emerald National Forest. Herbs & Things was a magical find under a pile of used books. Written in 1972, the writer Jeanne Rose’s gives us a little bit of everything to stimulate a love for alternative medicine: historical information, formulas, and many plant cures. It is stocked with pharmacology words and descriptions of organic antidotes. The folk tale illustrations feel witchy, but I have no doubt there is practical magical in here. I’ve only tried a dream tea recipe and a rose astringent. Both were beyond satisfying. Honey is my all time favorite, then cucumbers (I really like eating them) and eucalyptus (asthma lifesaver) and roses.


I really want to plant my own herb garden! Next book review is going to be related to that. If you liked this post give it a like and don’t forget to follow.

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