Book Trade

book trade


wrist warmers

chunky knit ear warmers

I credit crocheting as a leader who lead me back to story telling. Weaving yarn into garments reminded me of the process of writing poetry; drafts after drafts, a vivid picture in your head how you want it to come out, the creation process itself, how every piece i made was sometimes inspired by a word. Simplicity. Pastel. Textures. I picked up the hook and yarn when I started my first job at a call center, making chevron blankets to pass the technical hours. Later I would crochet to survive, my hands moving as a blur during dark eras of my life. I became obsessed with crochet.   I started trading my crochet for books this year.  I don’t discriminate over used and new but now I ask for new because I put a lot of work into my crochet pieces and sell them at my etsy shop.   Daisy Chain Crochet is where I dab in my crochet and fashion senses. I love doing trades because sometimes it’s easier than money, and two people get exactly what they need out of it.  It’s art for art! For this trade I got Pure Sunshine, Water For Elephants, The Wizard of Oz, and The Jungle Book in exchange for autumn inspired wrist warmers, thigh high leg warmers, and a moss green chunky ear warmer. The trader was from Colorado and I just thought she put together the cutest earthy pieces together.





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