Book Haul

Good morning friends. I was at a book sale the other day and couldn't resist picking up these books. I hope you enjoy the video! I know it's not the best quality, I'm hoping eventually when things get better I'll be able to get a new camera and some editing software. If you like these... Continue Reading →

Fiber Friday// Amaze by Adelaide Crapsey

Hello Pretty Gang! Lots of poems that have struck me lately have the word "hand" or "glass". The following poem was how I learned about the cinquain. I love simplicity. I also included an educational video on haiku I watched 2 months ago¬† during my sick time, just to repeat the simple verses until I... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Workshop: Tips About Theme

Friendship and rebirth are topics in my life right now. I wanted to talk a little bit about theme. What is the theme? Writer's Workshop : keep a journal Writer's Workshop: don't just write about what you know I need to bring theme up now in our Writer's Workshop series because it is something that... Continue Reading →

Book Trade

I credit crocheting as a leader who lead me back to story telling. Weaving yarn into garments reminded me of the process of writing poetry; drafts after drafts, a vivid picture in your head how you want it to come out, the creation process itself, how every piece i made was sometimes inspired by a... Continue Reading →

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