What Sold in my bookstore

Hey friends! I've been feeling so busy and haven't even listed all the books. 1. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte He bought two classic books for $11.95. The depop fee was $1.20. The PayPal fee was .65 cents. Shipping was $3.33. Its a profit of $6.77. 2. Goosebumps books I've had these for more than 2... Continue Reading →

What Sold On Depop

Hey friends! Heres another update on my vintage book shop. I think I did better this week than last week. 1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Another book I wanted to keep to read myself. The individual asked me if I had a copy of Woman Who Runs With Wolves which I did but... Continue Reading →

I Gave Up On This Book!

Do you keep reading a book even if you don't like it? I was struggling to get through Barbara Kingsolver's book Flight Behavior. I had high expectations because I loved The Bean Trees, but I wasn't loving this book. On Twitter, I asked you guys why you would stop reading a book and this response... Continue Reading →

Latest Book Haul

I did that thing where I uploaded a video of myself talking about the books I hauled. Books make me the happiest. Surrounding myself with as many books as possible gives me a strong sense of self at a time where I really need to feel like me. So if you'd like to see all... Continue Reading →

Ivy – a poem

They curl like ivy around each other In the backseat of her car (that’s all she can afford right now) Everything is in the back Suitcases, elephants, Risk, her college books, Her id badge, no bible, his skateboard, his Handheld games, Art of War, The Decline of the Roman Empire, and all the blankets cover... Continue Reading →

The Heaven Collection

It's been over a year since I first started blogging, and when I started it was just to upload all my poems I'd written over my life so I can have it all in one safe place. I also wanted to start reading as feverishly as I used to when I was 17, 10, since... Continue Reading →

Writing Workshop: Writing Hypnosis

Halloween is 10 days away and Ive had fun choosing witchy books to read. This month I wanted to introduce  something spooky to my blog,  specifically wanted to focus on spells, voodoo, rituals and other witchy things. (Saving haunted houses and Poe for next year.) The last writing Workshop post was about my own writing... Continue Reading →

#39 Two Escaping Birds

TWO ESCAPING BIRDS She doesn’t know what to do with her hands She stumbles on several 3 a.m. kisses. The moon is up The night is on his back Now she’s like the rising tide Deep inside the ocean, we’re swimming Somewhere the horizon cries The day is breaking, two souls wake I’ll still love... Continue Reading →

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