I Gave Up On This Book!

Do you keep reading a book even if you don’t like it?

I was struggling to get through Barbara Kingsolver’s book Flight Behavior. I had high expectations because I loved The Bean Trees, but I wasn’t loving this book.

On Twitter, I asked you guys why you would stop reading a book and this response helped me identify what it was about Flight Behavior I didn’t like:


Dellarobia is not my favorite character. The book starts off with her planning on an affair when she is stopped by a sight of butterflies on her property. But Millions of butterflies. The family is as religious as the town I’m from, so it was fun to imagine that this could happen in my town. The plot has something to do with climate change. I didn’t like being in the mind of this character, she was very unsure of herself, downright unhappy but in a whiny type of way, she has a lot of contempt for her husband who honestly seems like an alright guy. Wow I have a lot of strong feelings for this one. I got all the way to page 143 before I decided to call it quits.

I’ve started reading Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman and I love it so much. It is just as good as Practical Magic. Alice Hoffman is my favorite writer, if you haven’t already heard me say this by now then you’re hearing it again. I love Alice Hoffman, ever since middle school. She writes about lonely, misfit, outsider type characters, her books tend to be a little sad but her stories are so well written. I love the way she weaves plot with her characters. Ice Queen has a character I really like, we have a lot in common. She was struck by lightening and loses her ability the see the color red. I stuck my arm through a glass window and I’m losing the ability to write, and I had no idea what this book was going to be about. You guys should also know I never read the synopsis of books, I just let the book choose me.

I thought Ice Queen was going to be like The Foretelling, like a historical fiction set in the Ice Age.

I posted the link below for my book reviews on her books:




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