The Heaven Collection

It’s been over a year since I first started blogging, and when I started it was just to upload all my poems I’d written over my life so I can have it all in one safe place. I also wanted to start reading as feverishly as I used to when I was 17, 10, since I started to read I never put a book down.

I never thought my blog would be where it is now.

I write not just about poetry and books, but beauty. I find beauty in art, fashion, travel, and people. Over the last 7 months I haven’t been posting as much due to a traumatic injury where I cut my arm through glass. I am still affected by it, I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease called CRPS which makes creating art harder for me. But I have learned to refuse pain. I don’t let it stop me, because the pain of not being able to do what i Love hurts just as much as the physical pain.

I don’t want to live a life where I cannot express myself creatively. I now feel very comfortable calling myself an artist and I want to make a living as one. I don’t want to give up on my dream of living as an artist no matter how discouraging it seems. I am honestly very proud of my jewelry designs, for my first try designing jewelry, I created something that has a lot of meaning. All of my friends really believe in me, I can feel their love and they want to see me grow and they can see the passion behind the design, it is really coming from a place of pure love.

For the heart shaped pendants, I was drawn to words like “heaven,” “divine,” “winged Seraph.” I found a vintage poetry book that had liver spots and let the words come to me. The Heaven theme emerges, and I’m spending the next few days cutting paper, drying it in the wind, and sealing verses to wear around your neck and take with you wherever you go. It’s poetry in itself.

Words are spells. I’m making enchantments.

You can see that I still have to perfect my technique. My next collection is going to be Bible quote necklaces and I’ve started working on jewelry for men. I am fired up to create again!

edgar allen poe.jpg 2

poetry necklace blue background 1

poetry necklace 1

e.e. cummings 1

rwe necklace


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