DIY – How to write a Blackout Poem

Take her ship

The waters of

Your grace

Persuade her to

Secretly sail away

Her heart

Filled out sails,

And the shore disappeared

She had inherited the legacy of Eve.



1. Go against everything you’ve been taught and rip a page out of a book or magazine. You may encounter some mental blocks but the first rule of black out poetry is there are no rules.


2. Scan pages for pretty words, words that jump out and grab you, and underline them very lightly with a pencil.


3. Using ballpoint pen, colored pencil, markers, washi tape, or crayons cover the words you don’t need to reveal the ones you do need.


The words you chose will start to form a poem on the page, don’t forget to share your result with me! You can tag me in your post or come back here and leave a link with your poem⭐️

16 thoughts on “DIY – How to write a Blackout Poem

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  1. Great idea. I have tried this idea in a live writing group several times and we shared immediately around the table. That worked really well also. Thanks for reading and liking my poem “Kaleidoscope.” I have been away from writing as life has been a bit hectic of late, but your encouragement in checking my work has renewed my spirit and I resolve to get back at it soon. Best regards.

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    1. That’s what the writing community is here for! I’m glad you’ve stopped by as well and keep writing we all go through slumps but I think it is completely necessary. Your welcome!


  2. This looks interesting. I am trying to figure out your Blog but I am blind, so finding my way around and understanding what is happening is hard. However, I am now following you, and will see where we go

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    1. If you need any help don’t hesitate to reach out to me! It’s different on the phone then the computer, myself I prefer reading WP blogs on the computer. If you go to it’ll take you to the home page, and the menu is on the right to navigate through poems, reviews and art!! Thanks so much for reading and let me know what you like ❤

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      1. Lol thankyou. Most ppl don’t know. But your site seems so interesting and I am very interested in different forms of poetry, but don’t understand when ppl give writing prompts etc. I love to write in different forms. Will keep “watching” your ste.

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