3 Poetry Prompts

I'm going to get right down to the top 3 prompts that have helped me get back to writing. I really hope these empower you and if this helps you please share that with me, it really fills my heart up. 1. Black out poetry Here is my example (read: how to write a blackout... Continue Reading →


tell me to control these feelings. how do I control this pain? how can escape this rage? I'm in a haze caught in a maze right or left danger in every step. only a few will listen even fewer will stay the devil licks his lips after he says what he has to say, and... Continue Reading →

Painting is Pleasure

I woke up too early, when outside the sky a pearl hue and the curtains ghostly white, a dreamy mist hung over my covers, I did not want to be enslaved by the unforgiving hour of first light, but my eyes had peeked anyways, and I felt this deep burning desire to run before it... Continue Reading →


on the first floor of the apartment is a good lookin' man who did the best you can with some one he loved but was a manic maniac she was a beauty in her environment except she always looked away. he was lucky he was so good lookin he told her other women stood in... Continue Reading →


the fog moved in like a hound the colossus of darkness settles, he waits there was no way to tell how long he'd stay, bodies fade into a gray background, the fog seals her senses, its a fog that clogged her throat Secrets that don't escape she stood in silence she waits some demons can... Continue Reading →

SNEAK PEAK! At the new Echos

You guys I'm so happy that my poetry chapbook was edited. The tiny changes made a huge difference. I am also including the new cover and including more poetry. The new edition is coming soon ❄️ Personal note// I have 6 more days until my doctor appointment. I've been in so much pain. One day... Continue Reading →


i came back to tell you that you are beautiful even though i know you've heard that. i waited with you under the stars and waited for love to return and waited before pounding on Heaven's back door and waited and waited. i wish i had been there for myself instead of run from fear... Continue Reading →

Interview: YA Author Clara Bennett

 Clara Bennett's book blog was a happy discovery, i love reading blogs and hers was like a steamy caramel cappuccino at a Paris cafe. Blogs are essential non fiction, and her passion for writing and books shines through her fantasy and historical fiction book reviews. Her style was sophisticated,  She self published her first book... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 11-15

You learn so much about yourself when you don't hold back. I never thought I'd even make it to 20k all with one hand based on a few dramatic scenes from my dreams. I'll show you guys my chart, but I've stopped to plan out my next 5k words. There's too much to think about... Continue Reading →

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