Hyla Brook Books 🧑 πŸ“š My YouTube Channel

What are my YouTube videos about? Right now my channel is dedicated to my small business. I plan to make videos about writing in the future.

My videos have zero production quality, but I’m giving myself permission to learn as I go and trust the process. So far I have made 7 videos this year in 2022. Most of them are book hauls.

If you want to see anything specific, let me know in the comments below. Please follow my channel, it encourages me to make more videos!!

Shop Update: New Inventory (6 min)

What Sold in my Bookshop // reselling books on Etsy (4 min)

Thrift with me // Sourcing books for my bookshop, selling vintage books (2 min)

Book Haul for my small business // preview of books I’m selling in my used bookstore (2 min)

Thrift with me! Sourcing books for my Etsy bookshop (15 min)

How reseller’s organize – taking you through my inventory system, A1 b (5 min)

How I Organize My small business inventory, A2 (9 min)

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