These Haul Videos Made my Mom Disown Me

just kidding.

but i needed a good title so you’ll watch my youtube videos.

I promised myself that once I have 8 hours recorded I will start worrying about buying a camera and editing software. Right now I cant think about purchasing new equipment because I need to focus on my next MRI. I shouldn’t have spent the $10 i did at the hospice BUT I was there looking for books to add to my Etsy shop.

If you want to hear me ramble about my book boutique, I have a separate blog for that. I’m going to participate in camp nanowrimo, my goal will be to publish a poetry collection. And I also want to design a glossy magazine with my editorials  and write what was supposed to be the summer issue of Wood Nymph but I fell behind on writing about handmade fashion. Its something I want to make time for again.

I hope you can enjoy my videos, I know they are poor quality but it does mean a lot when you like and subscribe. Thanks so much for reading!




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