Plan with me // April 2022

What steps do I need to take every day to reach my short term goals? My last post (read here) reflects on my Quarterly goals. This post is to review my first week in Q2 – am I on the right path?

Week 1 – April 1-7

I dedicated two afternoons for a photoshoot for new listings. I added more hours to my work life to make more money. For my relationship I went out for pizza. It’s important to reflect on what went RIGHT.

April’s Concrete Goals

If only 10% of what I list sold, will that equal my desired outcome? I sold 20 items last month and made around $100 (see my What Sold post here) and my goal is $300. I need about 60 sales. I use data from my previous sales to set these specific goals. How many listings should I share? if I want 60 orders ($300 in sales) and only 10% of what I list flies off the shelf, how many books should I list this month?

The answer is 600 books.

I talked a lot about peace in my last post – financial peace, peace of mind, and peacefulness with my body. Every time I find myself unhappy, I’m asking “what is affecting my peace? How can I be at peace with my situation?” I’m also reflecting on what makes me feel peaceful – having money saved, going to the library, and trying to rescue abused cats and dogs.

I look forward to getting my life back on track. I really felt it when Franza Kaftka wrote “I am not well. I could have built the Pyramids with the effort it takes me to cling to life and reason.”

Its not too late.

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