What Sold in my Bookstore

Hey friends! I have been having fun sharing these posts where I tell you what sold and how much profit I made. I've slowly started adding more pieces to my shop that match my aesthetic. 1. Vera Bradley style bag I picked this bag up because of the butterfly print and it can be styled... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Mercari is Better than Depop

Wishing I had started it when it was first recommended to me by my friend, this post will explore features Mercari has that Depop doesn't. I started making sales the first week of listing. I put free shipping on all my books because I don't know how to set it to media mail yet but... Continue Reading →

Thrift W Me

Hey everyone I got some more books this Thursday for my bookstore but I'm also adding vintage clothes that go with my brand. I think you'll love what I found. The first items I picked up were this tye dye cardigan and turtleneck shawl/poncho and this fairy cardigan? Actually what is the proper term for... Continue Reading →

What Sold in my Bookshop

Hello everyone! Every week I calculate how much I made selling books. 1. Touching the Fire Got so many likes I should've waited but I was impatient for a sale and made an offer on Mercari for $9 shipped instead of $12 shipped. The Mercari fee was. 90 cents. Shipping was $2.80. I made $5.30.... Continue Reading →

Thrift With Me

Guess who went and got more books? I'll post photos to my Facebook group - I spent around $27 so lets see the loot! The first thing I got was this picnic basket. I thought it would be perfect for my paintbrushes and paper when I'd go outside as well as some sandwiches. -a beautiful... Continue Reading →

What Sold in my bookstore

Hey friends! I've been feeling so busy and haven't even listed all the books. 1. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte He bought two classic books for $11.95. The depop fee was $1.20. The PayPal fee was .65 cents. Shipping was $3.33. Its a profit of $6.77. 2. Goosebumps books I've had these for more than 2... Continue Reading →

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