Smart Shopping – I saved $13 plus rewards using Fetch and Ibotta

I want to be more conscious with my spending and I’ve started couponing! I got all the coupons from inserts in the Sunday paper. I spent an afternoon cutting them up. I put all of them in my purse, then went to the store.

I took $40 cash so I wouldn’t get carried away. I got my cart and went to the clearance section to see if I could use any of my coupons, then the makeup isle for some concealer and mascara, two items I was out of.

I saved $13 on products I needed and good brands! When I got home I scanned my receipt into an app called Fetch and Ibotta.

I got .25 cents back from shopping at Family Dollar using Ibotta and 1,333 points for buying certain brands on Fetch. (Pro Tip: I got a referral code off Google to get the extra earnings!) It’s not much, but it’s good to know I’m getting something back from shopping.

Photo below: Needful things! Dove Body Wash, Palmolive Degreaser/Dish Soap, Breyers Chocolate Icecream, AXE deodrant, AXE body spray, Maybelline Mascarra, and Maybelline Concealer.

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