Here's my newest bookmark collection🍀 this one is made with real crystals and clovers. Still chasing my dream of owning my own bookstore and becoming a published author. Now that this collection is done I'm working on my next poetry chapbook, which are poems about growth🍀       etsy shop   ( )

Donkey in the Shade// a personal poem

Driving on my last gallon of gas I pass by three donkeys Standing under a tree by the fence. Then I park my car, walk into Josh's House that smells like swisher sweets and zig zags. He looks up acknolwedes me, then turns back to his life on Runescape. I'm hungry. I pick up a... Continue Reading →

Reason of Being + Giveaway

Petal – coloured starch lines Soul kissing French lovers like we lived in Paris. That we could be some other nation. Any where else, but this place We could come from. Wars, heavy as rainfall, pour in Over history and repeats itself. Four inches every year – Its flooding the humanity out, Like being washed... Continue Reading →

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