Vlog: Nanowrimo Days 1-5

Hello Nymphs! What an interesting week! Thanks so much for reading and follow for more bookish content. Let me just jump into it: I've wanted to write a story about a woman who was possessed by a wolf spirit. On Days 4 and 5 I really wasn't sure i could do it because those were... Continue Reading →

October Wrap Up + Nanowrimo Day 1

Hello Nymphs! National Writing month is here! i've been waiting to participate since September. I have a lot of plot holes but I am 2531 words far. I don't have an outline and am writing as i go, piecing scenes together. On my Instagram I posted inspiration for my wolf story which has been a... Continue Reading →

World Building

So I don't have a post planned for today that goes with my witchy topics, I figured I could share a bit on world building. I was inspired to write my story about wolves because I just want to write a story with big wolves in it. I started doing research about dire wolves, wolves... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Workshop: Writing Rituals

Now that I'm back to a regular blogging schedule, I thought I would bring the Writing Workshop posts back. I have witchy themed posts planned throughout this month which brings up this topic: rituals. While I was sorting through my old poetry and short stories I asked myself - how often was I writing every... Continue Reading →

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