Plan With Me // April 2022 and Q2 Goals

Where do I want to be 3 months from now? At the beginning of the year I chose a word to focus on : peace. In a 1960 copy of Webster's New World Dictionary of American Language, peace is defined - 1. Freedom from war or civil strife. 2. A treaty or agreement to end... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 6-10

I confess I am so far behind with my writing goals. Hello friends 🧡 this will be my second update on writing a new novel: project Nightengale I am writing my raw first draft on paper. I have a prologue, chapter 1& 2, and a solid idea for chapter 3 to explore with my main... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 1-5

Hello friends, who wants to hear me talk about my writing progress? I have been writing first thing in the morning between the hours of 12 am - 3 am. I'm writing everything by hand. It's a slow process. I struggle with mental health and severe nerve damage, so my personal goal for Nanowrimo 2021... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo 2021: announcement

Hello friends! It's Samantha. All year I've had this huge swollen urge to write a story. I have a few story ideas. I've completely stopped writing, well, as of recently. I am journaling again, and mulling it over, and I really want to get back into the rhythm of writing . nanowrimo is here, National... Continue Reading →

Interview: YA Author Clara Bennett

 Clara Bennett's book blog was a happy discovery, i love reading blogs and hers was like a steamy caramel cappuccino at a Paris cafe. Blogs are essential non fiction, and her passion for writing and books shines through her fantasy and historical fiction book reviews. Her style was sophisticated,  She self published her first book... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 11-15

You learn so much about yourself when you don't hold back. I never thought I'd even make it to 20k all with one hand based on a few dramatic scenes from my dreams. I'll show you guys my chart, but I've stopped to plan out my next 5k words. There's too much to think about... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Music Playlist

Hello Friends! The first draft of my wolf story is coming along. Im reminded again how much writing is a huge part of what I am. I thought id share some music that inspire my cinematic universe. Sign up for my newsletter to read my wolf story here. Right now Im trying to keep my... Continue Reading →

First Youtube Video

Hey Nymphs! Through trial and error i found a way to upload audio to You tube. this is something i wanted to do for a while but I have no idea what software to use to make a gif with audio. I came across so many technical roadblocks. But here it is!! Its the best... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 6-10

Hello Nymphs! Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for reading this month is focused on National Novel Writing Month. Its been really hard for me because on day 6, 7, my arm was getting worse. (i have 2 lacerations in my writing arm fro when my arm went through a glass window. the... Continue Reading →

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