My New Instagram Theme✨

Hey Pretty Gang! I feel like I haven't posted in a while and I have been in my turtle shell. I was designing my office, rearranging furniture is something I do whenever I feel like I'm stuck in a bad mood or depressed. I make myself move things around and it takes all day with... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Workshop: Tips About Theme

Friendship and rebirth are topics in my life right now. I wanted to talk a little bit about theme. What is the theme? Writer's Workshop : keep a journal Writer's Workshop: don't just write about what you know I need to bring theme up now in our Writer's Workshop series because it is something that... Continue Reading →

#64 Apple Picking

I. I made love out of letters Beginning with "R"   Then piled them up in a basket And called it "our poem."   Sat watching the meaning hang Itself and fall with a thump   I had nothing really more to go off of, but all the   Rotten apples leaving sweet smells from... Continue Reading →

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