Not In Kansas // a poem

Let's go home, To-To. Smiling doggy eyes under curly hair Can I rewrite the fiction I'm in? This story I'm in too deep, i haven't seen Kansas since my eyes are focused on a gold road to a man who grants my wishes but took away my heart, my brain my bravery i almost don't... Continue Reading →

Gibberish // personal poetry

I have crazy dreams at night. In the day time I make no sense, talking nonsense all the time about wasted hope and her drunken man called love. In the light I stumble. Cupid sprinkles sunlight speaking poetry from above, I believe the truth can save me. Different loves affect you in different ways. We... Continue Reading →

Bonfire Poem // personal poetry

frantic hopeless romantic fireflies escaping from a dying flame they didn't burn. the sounds were so elaborate that the remaining fire danced its final farewell away. there was the sad music flowing and it spread and was spreading until a harmonic light filled my crying eyes.

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