My Book of Spells

I dont think I showed you a book project I did a while back. This binding technique uses a branch to hold the pages together. I fawned over my mini leaf notebooks and wanted to make my own leaf notebook. Throughout the day I stained office paper with coffee, you had to have the right... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Workshop: Writing Rituals

Now that I'm back to a regular blogging schedule, I thought I would bring the Writing Workshop posts back. I have witchy themed posts planned throughout this month which brings up this topic: rituals. While I was sorting through my old poetry and short stories I asked myself - how often was I writing every... Continue Reading →

DIY: Natural Dyeing w/ Roses

  “Low-impact dyes.” I saw it often on organic handmade clothes.The ever-lasting store bought colors I discovered use toxic mordants harmful to the environment and a lot of water. Rose petals. Steam. A small pot. I chose some test fabric in cotton. It took me all day to make this small batch.  I used roses... Continue Reading →

DIY Fabric Book Cover

Look at this fabric! I bought this fabric on a whim months after I inherited my Kenmore Sewing Machine. Someone was closing their brick-and-mortar fabric store and I can't resist floral print. I had just purchased my first gunne sax dress and I coveted kitschy lingerie. I never thought I'd use it to dress up... Continue Reading →

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