October Wrap Up + Nanowrimo Day 1

Hello Nymphs! National Writing month is here! i've been waiting to participate since September. I have a lot of plot holes but I am 2531 words far. I don't have an outline and am writing as i go, piecing scenes together. On my Instagram I posted inspiration for my wolf story which has been a... Continue Reading →

Writing Workshop: Writing Hypnosis

Halloween is 10 days away and Ive had fun choosing witchy books to read. This month I wanted to introduce  something spooky to my blog,  specifically wanted to focus on spells, voodoo, rituals and other witchy things. (Saving haunted houses and Poe for next year.) The last writing Workshop post was about my own writing... Continue Reading →

World Building

So I don't have a post planned for today that goes with my witchy topics, I figured I could share a bit on world building. I was inspired to write my story about wolves because I just want to write a story with big wolves in it. I started doing research about dire wolves, wolves... Continue Reading →

My Book of Spells

I dont think I showed you a book project I did a while back. This binding technique uses a branch to hold the pages together. I fawned over my mini leaf notebooks and wanted to make my own leaf notebook. Throughout the day I stained office paper with coffee, you had to have the right... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Workshop: Writing Rituals

Now that I'm back to a regular blogging schedule, I thought I would bring the Writing Workshop posts back. I have witchy themed posts planned throughout this month which brings up this topic: rituals. While I was sorting through my old poetry and short stories I asked myself - how often was I writing every... Continue Reading →

Book Review//The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman

So, around the time the first alphabet was being written by Phoenician's, when Carthage was becoming civilized, we have the Nordic tribes of the Nomadic Empires. The Scythians were known for mounted combat inhabited what is now modern day Ukraine. Surely they would be feared, having horses on the battleground is a huge advantage over... Continue Reading →

Interview with Shadow of a Dragon

When I spotted Shadow of a Dragon, I was pulled into a fantasy realm. Japanese gardens for headdresses. Cultures around the world throughout history use headdresses in ceremonies and for rank. To stand out in the field of battle, the Roman helmet with the red crest was worn only by officers. A war bonnet of... Continue Reading →

Crystal Caves Room Decor

Cavewoman inspired room decor ❤ That was the idea behind this post. We're going back to the dawn of time to the Ice Age, home of the Wholly Mammoths and sabortooth tiger. As I was curating the list, I realized this was a crystal cave on an island. Maybe your crystal cave is hidden behind... Continue Reading →

Mini Leaf Notebooks

These two handmade leaf notebooks fit in my small hands, I kept turning them over. Natural brown and broad leaves embellish the front and back cover. Hand stitched with what looked like dried tall grass. I can't bring myself to write in its bamboo pages yet. My imagination wondered what magical woods the materials were... Continue Reading →

Review// Herbs & Things

Books have a way of taking you back to the place you got it from and to the person you were at the time you started reading it. I've always felt like books find me, rather then me finding them. Hayfork California was a smooth paved road vanishing into the Emerald National Forest. Herbs &... Continue Reading →

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