Donkey in the Shade// a personal poem

Driving on my last gallon of gas I pass by three donkeys Standing under a tree by the fence. Then I park my car, walk into Josh's House that smells like swisher sweets and zig zags. He looks up acknolwedes me, then turns back to his life on Runescape. I'm hungry. I pick up a... Continue Reading →

Bonfire Poem // personal poetry

frantic hopeless romantic fireflies escaping from a dying flame they didn't burn. the sounds were so elaborate that the remaining fire danced its final farewell away. there was the sad music flowing and it spread and was spreading until a harmonic light filled my crying eyes.

The Orange Tree By the Ocean

Rolling it over in my head As I stretch my neck in circles. I'm thinking of you How you make me feel. My head feels great. The way you touch me makes me tremble beneath you My breath shakes itself out and I am entirely yours. I know that you love me by how hard... Continue Reading →

Poetry Chapbook : Echo

Hello Nymphs,   Last night i took the poems I haven't shared with the world and put them in a chapbook. Its not even a drop of all my watery poetry, but its enough to dive your feet in. I couldn't wait - my arm injury has gotten worse. The referral was sent by my... Continue Reading →

#64 Apple Picking

I. I made love out of letters Beginning with "R"   Then piled them up in a basket And called it "our poem."   Sat watching the meaning hang Itself and fall with a thump   I had nothing really more to go off of, but all the   Rotten apples leaving sweet smells from... Continue Reading →

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