What Sold// How Much did I make in March?

I turned $2.75 into $101.84! I sold a total of 12 books. One purse! One dress! If you're new, I have a small used bookstore online and I write poetry Please consider supporting my shop with the link below. If you like these kind of posts please give this post a like! πŸ§‘πŸ„ depop.com/sweetheart_sam In... Continue Reading →

Hyla Brook Books // Plan With Me

Hey everyone! I am so thrilled with my new bookshelf and all the time I have these days to read. Reading a lot this past week helped me get my mind off politics and philosophy. With this post I will be addressing some shipping and packaging concerns. I have expenses that need to be made... Continue Reading →

My Reading Goals 2020

  Snow flake bookmark available I read my posts from 2019 and 2018 so its interesting to see how I kept my promises to myself. So much happened to me in 2019, I am a whole new tour de force. I have a serious game plan for 2020. Three new fantasy books are coming in... Continue Reading →

Autumn Fairy Collection

Take an idea and see where it takes you. My hope was my ideas would take me to my past self, and reconnect me to the person I was before I replaced her. There was an idea. I'd hold it in my eyes, focusing really hard on this idea. I trusted it. The idea I... Continue Reading →


I've been using this final week to strengthen my mind, i don't know if anything can prepare me for whats ahead other than plenty of rest. i shut my eyes and block out the fear, there is no other option but to be strong. it can feel like the end of the world sometimes. Everyone's... Continue Reading →

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