December Sales Report: how much did my bookshop make?

Here's a photo dump of the books that sold. A total of 18 books left the shop. I turned $5.97 into $78.81!! I also sold a red plaid wallet, which is the last picture. I'm so grateful for every sale! This shop means everything to me. Please follow and like this post if you like... Continue Reading →

November Sales Report, how much did I make in my used bookstore?

Here's everything that sold this month! Please give this post a like if you'd like more what sold posts. ๐ŸฆŠ๐Ÿงก It's been nice to refocus on my small business. If you are new please follow my blog!! ๐Ÿ‚I am a writer and I have a small used bookstore online, Hyla Brook Books. Every month I... Continue Reading →

What Sold in my Bookshop

Hello everyone! Every week I calculate how much I made selling books. 1. Touching the Fire Got so many likes I should've waited but I was impatient for a sale and made an offer on Mercari for $9 shipped instead of $12 shipped. The Mercari fee was. 90 cents. Shipping was $2.80. I made $5.30.... Continue Reading →

August Wrap Up

Hello friends! This has been a good month for my shop it feels like. I'm very motivated to become a fulltime reseller due to health issues. I've been keeping tracking this month of all my expenses and I'd like to do an overview of my bookshop. I sell books i thrift as well as my... Continue Reading →

Thrift With Me

Hey friends! I couldn't help but go to the thrift store again. I didn't get any books this time(that's a lie I did too). I spent $26.25. Here's what I got: A beautiful vintage hand painted strawberry ceramic napkin holder 1992 Rook Card game Wentworth puzzle Cute Trendy Black Strapped Heels With A Stiletto Heel.... Continue Reading →

Thrift With Me

Hey friends! I couldnt help but go to the thrift store again. I spent $11.80 on all this stuff! Embroidered unicorn A burgandy paisley tote bag with no brand name or tags, it could be handmade and its reversible so I can flip it inside out and it has a shabby floral print. A stuffed... Continue Reading →

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