Writing Goals for 2020

Deep down I feel like everything happened to me for a reason. Several months ago, my mind was dark, on the precipice of a sharp edge, gaunt, beleiving I couldn't live if i couldn't write. Writing and drawing - expressing myself through art - that is my reason of being. My biggest goal is to... Continue Reading →


I've been feeling so awful these last two weeks heading down a slippery slope. I'm feeling a little better mentaly so I recorded this May TBR. Eventually, I'll get better at making videos.

Interview: YA Author Clara Bennett

 Clara Bennett's book blog was a happy discovery, i love reading blogs and hers was like a steamy caramel cappuccino at a Paris cafe. Blogs are essential non fiction, and her passion for writing and books shines through her fantasy and historical fiction book reviews. Her style was sophisticated,Β  She self published her first book... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Music Playlist

Hello Friends! The first draft of my wolf story is coming along. Im reminded again how much writing is a huge part of what I am. I thought id share some music that inspire my cinematic universe. Sign up for my newsletter to read my wolf story here. Right now Im trying to keep my... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo Days 6-10

Hello Nymphs! Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for reading this month is focused on National Novel Writing Month. Its been really hard for me because on day 6, 7, my arm was getting worse. (i have 2 lacerations in my writing arm fro when my arm went through a glass window. the... Continue Reading →

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