Hyla Brook Books ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ“š My YouTube Channel

What are my YouTube videos about? Right now my channel is dedicated to my small business. I plan to make videos about writing in the future. My videos have zero production quality, but Iโ€™m giving myself permission to learn as I go and trust the process. So far I have made 7 videos this year... Continue Reading →

Part One/ Chapter One – The Gate Keeper

A marching band sounds off, a trail of lanterns leads into the Diamond city. The history district, across the bridge from Lake Towanda, Siobhan paced back and forth, holding her gate keeper dress up to the side as she did and in her other arm she had her shrine talisman. Her hair was adorned with... Continue Reading →


i came back to tell you that you are beautiful even though i know you've heard that. i waited with you under the stars and waited for love to return and waited before pounding on Heaven's back door and waited and waited. i wish i had been there for myself instead of run from fear... Continue Reading →

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